Greg Rafferty

Text Summarization on the Books of Harry PotterA comparison of several algorithmsRegex on the Texts of Harry PotterA deep-dive case studyLDA on the Texts of Harry PotterTopic Modeling with Latent Dirichlet AllocationForecasting with Python and TableauI’m Greg Rafferty, a data scientist in the Bay Area..You can check out the code for this project…Steganography: How Spies Rickroll Each Otherste·ga·no·graph·y ˌste-gə-ˈnä-grə-fē The Top 50 Most Followed Instagrammers, VisualizedWho’s Tweeting from the Oval Office?.Building a Twitter botHow I built a Twitter bot to predict if…Who’s Tweeting from the Oval Office?. More details

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