AI and Machine Learning: Moving from Training to Education

If this not how we train a human child (who are undoubtedly way much smarter at learning than even their adult counterparts) then how can one use this approach with computers and expect them to develop any kind of intelligence whatsoever.Computers and machines are in their very nascent stage of learning and achieving any level of intelligence..It is going to take a variety of techniques to not just train but educate them, much in the same way we educate our young..There are no shortcuts to this process and none are needed..Anything less motivated by quick sales and profits will only lead to sub-optimal performances, risks, and disappointments..Those who realize this are already investing billions of dollars in research which is bound to pay long term dividends.No matter which side of AI debate you are on, we all should be able to agree that we have yet to achieve a lot..Current developments have certainly been significant but the celebrations should not lead to slowing down of further efforts in developing even better (and perhaps completely new) frameworks that can make the next paradigm shifts possible.. More details

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