Working Remote Cheat Sheet

When your dedicated workspace is steps away it is often so easy to tell yourself “I’ll do one more quick email.” Or, “I’ll just let myself do two more items on this list.”To make sure I take breaks I leave the house for lunch..Use the gym at lunch..Do a walk around the block mid-afternoon.More about my use case.I’ve worked away in multiple roles..This means I’ve had multiple use cases.Teaching is one of my more frequent use cases..For multiple semseters, I’ve taught college students..Sometimes those classes were classroom-based, others they were online..While teaching I worked away instead of at the office provided for me by the institution..While my dedicated workspace was at home, my escape from home would often be the library.I also worked away in a role that involved conducting research and outreach..About half of my job involved crunching data..The other half of my job was planning and delivering presentations or conducting training..For this dual/split use case, my employer provided an office, but I worked primarily away from the office (at the library, home, coffee shops, in conference hotels, etc.).In graduate school I founded and operated a boutique consulting firm (now closed)..In all of these use cases, I employed most of all of the above strategies.These strategies have been useful for me, I hope others will also find them useful.. More details

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