What is Your Sexual Minority?

Also, people interested in men seemed comparatively more attracted to people with a penis than people into women were attracted to people with a vagina.While it was established for some time now that the sexual orientations of transgender people were as varied as the ones of cisgender people, more studies need to be made on attraction towards transgender people..There might be some cisgender, heterosexual men who are sexually attracted by transgender women, and some others who are not; more diversity within the established labels.Such results (or lack of results) maybe shed the light on the fact that attraction towards transgender people does not seem to follow the exact same patterns as attraction towards cisgender people..The reason for the attraction (or lack, thereof) is likely to be just like for previous spectra: partly genetic, partly societal, potentially fluid..However, for now the lack of representation of the transgender community on the popular media prevent many people from thinking of transgender people as objects and subjects of desires..Transgender awareness tend to be less discussed than LGB awareness and as an outcome issues on transphobia are progressing arguably more slowly..As a vicious circle, this might prevent people for coming out or transitioning, and thus perpetuate the lack of representation not only in the media but also in our daily lives of trangender people.A look at the final resultsHere are some of the results to the final question asking the participants to summarize their sexual and gender identity:Some of the answers of the final question on sexual and gender identityThe answers showed a great diversity, with in fact few repetitions of the same combinations..And most participants did not even comment on all the spectra discussed in this article, the diversity in homosexuality, in asexuality, diversity in non-binary gender… This lead me to think that at the end of the day, we are all part of a sexual minority..More, thinking about sexual and gender minorities we are not even part of still helps us think deeper about where to situate ourselves on all those spectra of identity.Of course, those labels I have been discussing are tools to merely help up navigating around the complex meanders of identity..They cannot perfectly match our feelings or our experiences, as a participant nicely put it:“I don’t hundred percent agree with labels because I do feel they restrict the view you and others have on yourself..Although I used them here for the sake of the survey, I personally prefer to not use fixed terminology cause I do believe people can have self-perception and/or attraction toward others outside of the label they identify with..They work as a framework, but I don’t think humans are as simple as that.”It is important to note also that one should never assume things about someone’s personality based on the labels this person might identify with..The writer Jeff Leavell for example writes on the issues with toxic labels in the gay male community.. More details

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