Just for laughs

To back up her idea, she officially invited me to give a short talk at the QA guild.After that I realised that I can do a separate talks on specific subjects like QA or Operations that would be more suitable to guilds rather than my “general IT humour”.Encouraged by the invitation, I got myself invited to the the DevOps guild and delivered my first guild talk in September..A few weeks before my scheduled talk, the ops people asked me to send them official topic for my talk..I was not prepared for that, so I quickly came up with a simple one: “A story of a sleepless night”..Then I even decided to prepare a slide for my presentation..First I thought of having just a simple slide with my name on it, but then I thought of drawing a simple picture to represent my talk..And it turned out reasonably good:I received good feedback after that presentation despite the fact that I was very nervous..It was much bigger audience and a few people who attended that guild I’d never seen before, which made me even more nervous..After I finished talking, I had only one thought in my head: “Damm..It was bad..Some of my practice runs were much better than my performance”..Luckily for me, no one in the audience was present during my practice runs, so this high bar was set only in my head.There was no time for me to relax, I already promised our QA a presentation at the QA guild and she was very keen to schedule my talk that month..I was able to negotiate it for October, because at the point of time I had almost no specific to QAs material.So I went back to writing.. More details

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