Big Data & Smart Cities: How can we prepare for them?

That data is captured, stored and more or less forgotten after.Smart cities need to be built on networks that allow for the free communication of data.Data sharing represents both a requirement and an opportunity for Smart City deployments..It is clear that data sharing across citywide departments and platforms is an essential element of any Smart Cities plan.My prediction is that most cities will implement data sharing as part of an evolutionary journey from data integration to data exchanges, and then to data marketplacesBuilding the digital infrastructureWhy we need more APIs?APIsSharing data unlocks efficiency and open APIs are the best way to do it..An easy exchange of data via APIs and/or data marketplaces, along with the ability to easily add partners to the ecosystem, are critical components of any smart-city platform.There is also a growing trend for city authorities to release APIs to encourage developers and community organizations to use open data.What we need in a good smart-city platform:The perfect data-sharing platformA data-sharing should enable cloud-based data sharing ..It will improve privacy, interoperability, security and secure data sharing, agile app development and testing..A platform on which many applications can run also offers these capabilities for specialized, domain-specific applications as well as provides access to the most up-to-date technology.The platform should support both public and private sharing..If solutions are going to intermix data, then the governance, security and usage monitoring and management becomes more important to control access.Finally, it should offer the ability to understand and manipulate data into information that people from many different roles can understand and leverage to create other solutions.Big Data stands at the forefront of this endeavor to provide pervasive connectivity at a citywide scale..These technologies will play a primary role in this growing trend to create the city of the future.. More details

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