Susan Li

Parsing XML, Named Entity Recognition in One-ShotConditional Random Fields, Sequence Prediction…Mobile Ads Click-Through Rate (CTR) PredictionOnline Advertising, Google PPC, AdWords Campaign…Exploring & Machine Learning for Airbnb Listings in TorontoAirbnb does not provide open data in the…Predict Where a New User Will Book Their First Travel ExperienceAt the heart of the Airbnb site is…Predict Search Relevance Using Machine Learning for Online RetailersLarge online retailers typically…Finding Similar Quora Questions with Word2Vec and XgboostLast week, we explored different techniques…Finding Similar Quora Questions with BOW, TFIDF and Random ForestQuora is a question-and-answer…Natural Language Processing for Fuzzy String Matching with PythonIn computer science, fuzzy string…How Taxis Arrive at Fares? — Predicting New York City Yellow Cab FaresPredicting taxi fare is…Machine Learning Model for Predicting Click-Through in Hotel Online RankingHow to applying machine…. More details

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