Leveling up AI-literacy for PMs

Product managers are increasingly responsible for shipping machine learning-driven product features, making critical product decisions based on machine learning techniques, and developing strong partnerships with their data science counterparts.But when I asked data scientists and machine learning engineers about how their PM counterparts are doing, here is what I heard:“My PM [doesn’t] know what questions to ask.”The PM is “unable to frame what they are trying to solve as an ML problem.”“PMs and executives are overconfident in their understanding, and overconfident in what is possible/easy.”“Admit when you don’t understand something..Don’t pretend you know more than you do..Don’t make promises to the business without talking to the engineers.”Too many organizations are hiring teams of data scientists without simultaneously investing in the data and AI-literacy of everyone else..As a result, there are too many product managers out there who are driving data scientists crazy (and vice versa, too).Here’s why product managers need to become AI-literate:❄️ 7 billion special snowflakes: Your users demand it..️️❄️The cat’s out of the bag — every individual wants to feel like (wait for it…) an individual..You, me, and all of our users demand intelligent, personalized experiences that make us feel like the special snowflakes that we are..If everyone else is getting the same thing as me, what’s so exciting about that?When users give data to companies by registering an account, engaging with the application, and providing feedback, they expect the product to continuously improve and become more intelligent over time..These improvements often require productizing the data generated by the user’s engagement with the product itself.AI-enabled products are all around us..Spotify uses your listening history to create personalized playlists, Gmail uses previous email content to finish your sentences, Woebot remembers past conversations in order to give you a personal therapy session, and IntelligentX’s AI algorithm uses your feedback from the previous batch of beer to create a recipe tailored just for your tastebuds..Yes, that’s right, you can now purchase beer that is brewed by AI.Even if it’s just marketing hype, the fact that we are surrounded by all of these exciting developments is the very thing that endlessly increases our expectations and our “needs” (or wants)..But for product managers, it’s not just hype — it’s your job to deliver on these expectations.????.The Goldilocks PM: Not too technical, not too much hype ????The job of a PM encompasses envisioning what future products are possible, and delivering what is valuable.. More details

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