First Mile

responded with the 1976 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research, Development, and Demonstration Act, authorizing the Energy Department to support research and development in electric and hybrid vehicles..Another surge in the electric vehicle movement was a combination of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment, the 1992 Energy Policy Act, and emission regulations issued by California Air Resources Board..These precedents drove manufacturers and consumers to become more environmentally conscientious.Electric Vehicle’s timeline introduces the Toyota Prius in 2000, and the notorious Tesla Motors in 2006..With these two events, the battery becoming ever more efficient, charging stations littering the nation, the government (under President Obama) encouraging renewable energies, and Elon Musk dedicated to making affordable electric vehicles, it doesn’t seem like this spark is going to be extinguished.Features Visualizationlinear regression model predicting MSRP from various features..R-squared value of 0.46Above is a linear regression model of horsepower, number of cylinders in an engine, highway miles per gallon (MPG), city MPG and a constant value..This model attempts to linearly predict the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) of a vehicle based on those features..However, this model yielded an R-squared value of 0.46, indicating that this is not the best model..This equation serves to show that we can find a model to predict the various features of the automobile, however most of these features are not linearly correlated.In order to visualize the evolution of the automobile, below are some graphs of certain car features..The data came from a kaggle dataset that was compiled from scraping Edmunds and Twitter sites.One can assume that the average horsepower would have increased over time; given the advancements in efficiency and performance..But as the linear regression model above suggested, car features are not singularly related..Also, account for where the data is coming from — the type of cars being uploaded on Edmund’s site, and the focus on electric vehicles.One would assume that as the number of cylinders go up, so does the power the car produces..But as mentioned before, there are other features needed to be taken into account to get a full picture of the capabilities of a car.. More details

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