7 Tips to Getting a Data Science Job Faster

Well, I put it in bold so you should get the idea.Networking allows you to learn about companies, jobs that have not been posted and have candid conversations about your background and where you might fit in.Key points:Meet new people every week that work in data science or at tech companiesGo to meetups, reach out to former work colleagues and college friendsTime required: 3hours (each week)6 — Apply to Jobs within your DomainAlthough many people may hate their current careers and industry, you will have much better luck getting interviews if you apply for jobs within the same industry.Domain expertise is incredibly important, especially for feature engineering.Key points:Apply to jobs in the same industryTime required: 1 hour (each week)7 — Accept Junior or Ancillary RolesI’ve run into many senior professionals that want to move into data science, however, they are unable to accept starting at an entry-level role with a lower salary.If you are able to live within your means and take a long-term perspective, you will be much more successful than your peers.Key points:Examine ancillary roles at data science companies and analytics teamsData analysts, software engineers, data engineers, analytics programmers, management consultants, etc.Time required: 1 hour. More details

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