What I learned in (almost) 30 days of Codevember

This diagram of classes of behavior of generative systems clicked for me and informed what I was looking for, and why I would sometimes take a fairly long time to decide a sketch was “done.”Fixed systems produce a single static output; periodic systems oscillate between two or more regular states; chaotic systems produce no predictable pattern (I suppose here we are not including things like strange attractors), but complex systems give us the framework and stability of periodic systems with the organic randomness of chaotic systems.????.using things wrong can be a strategyAt a few points I got stuck trying to make things work in 3D, and just through sheer tinkering with code eventually ended up with something that wasn’t what I was trying to do, but was interesting enough to call it a sketch..Instead of moving a 3D shape through time I was drawing alterations of that shape repeatedly on top of itself, which created a composite shape.mistakes were madeI’m inspired by David Hockney’s amazing composite polaroids : a painter takes picks up an instant camera and instead of taking pictures the right way, ends up with a fractured dragonfly-eye-lens, time-agnostic viewpoint that couldn’t have been created without using that technology “wrong”.David Hockney, The Scrabble Game, 1983????.I hew towards organic disruption of beautiful mathPerfect forms are pretty, but disconnected from experience..Intrigue lies in the flaws: where did that lovely plan go wrong?By describing and creating systems that balance structure and procedural rules with noise and randomness, I’m working closer to making things that reveal beauty in unexpected ways.It’s entertaining to watch these sketches draw themselves..View the full collection.. More details

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