The 2018 Web Developer Roadmap

Take your JS knowledge to the next level!UdemyReact JSModern React with ReduxModern React with Redux | UdemyMaster the fundamentals of React and Redux with this tutorial as you develop apps with React Router, Webpack, and ES6UdemyAdvanced React and ReduxAdvanced React and Redux | UdemyDetailed walkthroughs on advanced React and Redux concepts — Authentication, Testing, Middlewares, HOC’s, and…UdemyAngular JSAngular 5 (formerly Angular 2) — The Complete GuideAngular 5 (formerly Angular 2) — The Complete GuideMaster Angular (Angular 2+, incl. Angular 5) and build awesome, reactive web apps with the successor of Angular.jsUdemyThe Complete Angular 4 Course: Beginner to AdvancedThe Complete Angular Course: Beginner to AdvancedThe most comprehensive Angular 4 (Angular 2+) course..Build a real e-commerce app with Angular, Firebase and Bootstrap…UdemyVue JSVue JS 2 — The Complete GuideVue JS 2 — The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)Vue JS is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications!.VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React!UdemyThe Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers CourseThe Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course | UdemyLearn and master VueJS by building 3 professional, real world web application using Vue!UdemyBackendFocus on yellow boxes and go from there..Below the map are additional resources to aide your learning.Node JSThe Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)Learn Node.js by building real-world applications with Node, Express, MongoDB, Mocha, and more!UdemyNode with React: Fullstack Web DevelopmentNode with React: Fullstack Web Development | UdemyBuild and deploy fullstack web apps with NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB.UdemyRubyLearn to Code with RubyLearn to Code with Ruby | UdemyA comprehensive introduction to coding with the Ruby programming language..Complete beginners welcome!UdemyPythonThe Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in PythonThe Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in PythonBuild 11 Projects and go from Beginner to Pro in Python with the World's Most Fun Project-Based Python Course!UdemyREST APIs with Flask and PythonREST APIs with Flask and Python | UdemyBuild professional REST APIs with Python, Flask, Flask-RESTful, and Flask-SQLAlchemyUdemyPHPPHP for Beginners — Become a PHP Master — CMS ProjectPHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS ProjectOne of the biggest PHP Courses in UDEMY ………Best Rated PHP course on UDEMY…….New lectures ADDED all the…UdemyJavaComplete Java MasterclassComplete Java Masterclass | UdemyLearn to master Java 8 and Java 9 core development step-by-step, and make your first unique, advanced program in 30…UdemyMySQLThe Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to ExpertThe Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to ExpertIf you want to learn how to gain insights from data but are too intimidated by databases to know where to start, then…UdemyClosing NotesYou made it to the end of the article… Good luck on your Web Development journey!.It’s certainly not going to be easy, but by following this guide, you are one stop closer to accomplishing your goal.Please consider entering your email here if you’d like to be added to my once-weekly email list, and don’t forget to follow codeburst on Twitter!If this post was helpful, please click the clap ????.button below a few times to show your support! ⬇⬇. More details

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