Tech Trends Showdown????: React vs Angular vs Vue

So here is something for those that love concrete numbers and statistics.We are going to look at job postings, developer statistics, download numbers, and other factors, to actually burst through the fuzzy cloud that is React, Angular and Vue, and decide what you should learn in 2019 for your career.Methodology:The goal is to conduct an unbiased search based on the criteria:Job Demand — what is the actual job demand and available jobs with each of the the 3 libraries and frameworks.Developer Usage — which of the 3 are developers and programmers using?Developer Opinion — you want to enjoy the tool you are using..How do developers feel about each of these 3?In this article you will find sections on the above topics..Ideally, we want to pick the tool that is the most in demand, which will allow us to have a higher chance of employability, while also keeping in mind that we want to enjoy working with the library..Finally, we want to pick the one that is not in a decline, but instead, has a bright future and is growing in the developer community..Let’s get started!Important: Every once in a while, I will throw my 2 cents on the topic, but as with everything, you should do your own research and decide for yourself what to learn and master..I’ve written about this before..I provide for you some numbers that you can use and expand on them as you want, to decide for yourself..If I missed something, or you want to add something, let me know in the comments.All data and numbers found below are current as of writing (December 10th, 2018)..This article will be updated every few months to keep track of trends.Job DemandI would venture a guess that this is one of the most, if not the most important factor for you in deciding what to learn in your career..After all, time is a valuable resource when there are so many things to learn, so you want to make sure you pick the one that makes you money..Let’s have a look at the numbers:What are the number of job postings for React, Angular and Vue developers?Same data above, visualized a different way:And the actual numbers:My criteria for selecting the data was the following:LinkedIn is the biggest job board right now for tech, so this is a worldwide developer job postings search for each library.Indeed, SimplyHired and Dice are 3 big tech job boards in the USA so the search is geographically targeted there..You may not live in the US, but it’s good to see what is happening in a very important location for tech.AngelList is probably the best job board for startups.. More details

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