Reasons Why Marketers Should Learn to Code

In addition, learning simple functions and expressions (like DAX) will make working with tools like Excel or PowerBI vastly easier.The other basic skill you will learn is understanding the different types of data such as booleans, integers, datetimes and strings..Understanding these are very important when setting up new marketing systems or when you are working with business intelligence tools.7..Better the Experience for Your CustomersPaul Boag says in his blog post about User Interface Design, “If we first help a user complete their task, we will find them much more open to going on to complete our call to action.” When we make life easier for our customers, we also make it more likely for them to become our clients..As marketers, we set the initial opinion of our customers to our brand..If our websites are challenging to navigate, or our disconnected infrastructure makes our messaging awkward, our customers are going to have a poor initial opinion of our company.Connected experiences and refined digital interfaces are only possible because of coders.Bonus Reason: Makes You More Self-SufficientEspecially if you work for a smaller company, being multifaceted in your skillset is important..It helps keep you from relying on expensive agencies for small adjustments you can make yourself with just a little training.Final Thought:The nirvana of marketing is to obtain micro-segmentation with the economy of scale..If you can obtain this you will be able to communicate to your audience the right message at the right time..To accomplish this you will need a team that is highly collaborative, a team that methodically works through problems, a team that utilizes every piece of data, and a team that can take advantage of modern technologies..I propose that this idealistic state can only be achieved right now by writers that can code, designers that can code, analysts that can code — a team of marketers that know how to code.. More details

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