Python at Microsoft: flying under the radar

In 2018, we are out and proud about Python, supporting it in our developer tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, hosting it in Azure Notebooks, and using it to build end-user experiences like the Azure CLI..We employ five core CPython developers and many other contributors, are strong supporters of open-source data science through NumFOCUS and PyData, and regularly sponsor, host, and attend Python events around the world.While I can’t personally claim credit for all of the progress we’ve seen over the last eight years (and more!), it has been a privilege to have been around for it and to have helped lead Microsoft towards being a better member of the open source community.ResourcesLatest resources about Python at Microsoft are always at our Python video content on Channel 9 or Steve’s Python talks.Browse our open-source Python projects in the Microsoft and Azure organizations on GitHub.. More details

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