Best Back-End Frameworks to Build Your Next Web Application

In the simple words, frontend is also called the client side which is seen by the user in the form of UI/UX.Developers need a backend framework to create an application with which user can interact and perform some actions (which result in responses)..In this context, backend is defined as the subordinate processor or program (not directly accessible by users), which performs a specialized function on behalf of a main processor or software system.You need a webserver to run these scripts..The web server can be your development machine (localhost), a dedicated or cloud hosting service..All the scripts are located on the server..When a user interacts with these scripts, responses are generated and sent to the user.You might be interested in Black Friday Deals By Cloudways And Other Hosting ProvidersBackend vs FrontendYou would probably seen lot’s of comics around the web that discuss the differences between backend and frontend.The above comic explains the differences between frontend and backend..However, I think the difference is simple..The backend is the compilation of tools, scripts, API’s and external libraries that is invisible to the users..All the users see is the frontend that interfaces with the backend and presents the results of the processing through the UI of the frontend.The Architecture of Backend DevelopmentTo understand the architecture of the backend of any dynamic application, check out this image:Source: UpworkThe backend or the script-side of a dynamic application that works on request-response architecture comprises of API’s, databases, frameworks, service workers and an operating system..These days, developers have access to services such as Docker, Vagrant and BAAS that provide sophisticated systems to automatically deploy the backend scripts to any server or cloud.Given the importance of backend frameworks, it is no surprise that developers could choose from a range of frameworks..GitHub and similar platforms have a number of frameworks that add value to backend development.In the following list, I will cover the most popular backend frameworks.PHP FrameworksPHP is perhaps the most popular scripting language for web projects..It has been around for almost three decades now and has several important backend frameworks in its inventory.SymfonySymfony is a set of PHP components, a web application framework, a philosophy, and a community, all working together in harmony..Symfony provides a standard foundation on which developers could build powerful PHP applications that are strengthen by the standalone Symfony components.The framework has a very active community of developers and enthusiasts who maintain and contribute to the framework.. More details

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