How I stalked 20 thousand middle-aged moms in Delhi

It can give us insights of unprecedented levels likeWhat chocolate brand do 18–20 year olds like in Mumbai ?Which brand of bags do 40–50 year old women buy more in Moscow ?What TV Shows do people in the IT industry, residing in London prefer ?These insights and analysis, of the order, magnitude, and accuracy that huge firms pay millions, even billions of dollars to big survey houses (like Nielson, IRI, IMRB etc) for.Note: If you want a different case study using 18–25 year old Uttar Pradesh redidents instead of moms from Delhi, read this instead get stalkingStart Creating an audienceWe’ll start from “Everyone in the world” and narrow down from there.Then we will select a city or county or even a country..Facebook will guide you along in your creepventure.Select geographic region first, then narrow down other parameters..Facebook will show you tooltips to help you along the way.Let us say we want to select all the nice moms in my city, Delhi..We can pick age group and gender.Now not all 45–50 aged women are necessarily married, let along be mothers..But Facebook takes care of that as well.You can select marital status for targeting..And then you can select “parenthood” properties..That is, using the Facebook family properties (someone marks you as their mother on Facebook, Facebook knows how old your child is), you can target mothers, and specifically mothers of kids of a particular age group..I will address this here, because this needs to be said, allowing big firms to target mothers of children of age groups 0–12 months (one of the options) is a very slippery slope..But anyway let’s proceed, I want moms of kids in high-school, just about to go into college.There are extremely fine-grained selectors, includingWhat language a person speaks,What is their level of educationWhat kind of occupation they are inSpecifically in US — their ethnicitySpecifically in US — their political affiliationsNow that we have our sights on our target audience, this is the point where most marketing firms would just blast an advertisement towards this group..But wait, we let’s find out more about the lives of mothers aged 45–50, with kids in high-school and college, living in Delhi.Peeping into their livesFacebook now, on the right hand side pane shows trends..What do these people do, what do they like ?.Do they use a desktop or a mobile ?. More details

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