Are we there yet?

I like formalizing these ideas so everyone on the team knows how it’s going to work.Here are a couple of examples of flowcharts from the book:Q for you: What are some of your project management tips for data scientists?If you enjoyed this, have a look at some of my other posts:Is Data Science Really a “Science”?Why data science might be a rigorous field different and distinct from its predecessorstowardsdatascience.comCheck your assumptions about your dataNo one likes a bad assumptiontowardsdatascience.comBrian Godsey, Ph.D., is a mathematician, entrepreneur, investor, and data scientist, whose book Think Like a Data Scientist is available in print and eBook now. — briangodsey.comFor more, download the free first chapter of Think Like a Data Scientist and see this Slideshare presentation for more info and a discount code.. More details

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