6 Emotionally Rewarding Data Science Projects

6 Emotionally Rewarding Data Science ProjectsThe field of data science is best-suited for those who love mathematics and working with numbers.While some projects are tedious and monotonous, particularly on the entry level, there are plenty of exciting and rewarding jobs in the sector for qualified, experienced professionals.The dawn of big data and next-gen data analytics makes the field even more innovative and exciting by giving individuals access to more data than ever before.Since we are currently living in the Information Age, it only makes sense to use this data in fun, creative and rewarding ways.1..Diagnosing and Addressing Personal HealthPersonal health and well-being are just as important as they were 10, 20 or 50 years ago..The significant difference comes in the sheer availability of diagnostic machinery, devices and services — many of which can detect most health issues in time for treatment.Couple this with the rapid advancement of technology, and it’s easy to see how these devices are getting more intelligent every day.They’re also getting physically smaller, as next-gen chips and processors are more compact than ever before..Some devices are even wearable as an accessory on the user’s body or available as a smartphone app.But these devices all rely on next-gen data and advanced data collection algorithms — all of which must get organized, processed and analyzed for maximum effectiveness..Modern software and hardware automate many of these processes, but keen human eyes are still necessary to ensure data integrity, verify sources and make critical decisions.2..Fighting CrimeThe criminal justice sector is increasingly using data in new and innovative ways..From local officers performing their routine patrols to the most sophisticated of federal investigations and trials, technology is at the forefront of most operations.Although some of the data collection and storage practices law enforcement agencies use are controversial, there are many areas where this data has made a real impact on crime..Officers use it to predict and prevent mass killings, fight human and drug trafficking and much more.Data can uncover white-collar crimes, too, including embezzlement, fraud and other schemes that typically occur on the senior or executive levels.By paying close attention to corporate statistics and picking up on certain trends or patterns, a diligent and trained data scientist can quickly identify suspicious activity and report it to the proper authorities.3..Advocating for Improved Customer ServiceMost of today’s retailers, including e-commerce storefronts and traditional, brick-and-mortar establishments, rely on data to improve customer service..They use forecasts, statistics and analyses — like regional demographics, shopping histories, recent consumer trends and more — to provide personalized service to their most valuable customers.Enhancing the customer experience is a crucial strategy in many business models today..It’s also highly effective.As most consumers would prefer specific, targeted ads and useful deals, as opposed to generic commercials and coupons that cater to the lowest common denominator, many companies are actively looking for qualified data scientists to crunch the numbers.4..Analyzing Funds for Public EducationThe public education sector is always looking for ways to mitigate risks, control costs and accommodate the ever-evolving list of student needs.. More details

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