The Tragedy of #OpenData

But a great way to learn about The Tragedy of The Commons.The Tragedy of #OpenDataIt Is A Commons Tale (no, that s is not a typ-o)Corsair's PublishingBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 8I was asked recently about Open Data initiatives..Put simply — I have yet to find an Open Data set that contained any real value OR was not readily accessible to me without #OpenData frameworks.Now — if that opinion pisses you off, pay attention.As is most often the case, I tend to follow-up rough statements of opinion with additional research..Even if you disagree with me, I promise it will be educational.Open Data is not Open SourceI am a huge fan of both analogies and Open Source..Open Source is NOT analogous to Open Data..While Open Source is more tangible than ideas, it is easily distributed without lessening its value..Much like ideas or knowledge, this makes Open Source highly transferable.Data on the other hand, is a resource..Data is no exception.The Tragedy Of The Commons Is A Strong AnalogyWe are coming up on the two century anniversary of William Forster Lloyd’s tragedy of the commons..But let’s table that for later.Is Data’s Value Really Used Up?Let’s start with a different question..Where does the value of data come from?.Assuming of course, that you put aside the reality that data really has little value without form..Open Data really can’t win..This feeds back on the issues above — the less valuable, the less incentive to update, grow, and develop.So does data really get used up?.It makes it real.But strong identity in Open Data sources flies squarely in the face of Data Privacy.. More details

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