Measuring the Record-Breaking Presidential Lifespans of George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter

Bush meets with President-elect Barack Obama (2nd-L), former President Bill Clinton (2nd-R), former President Jimmy Carter (R) and former President George H.W..president, Jimmy Carter..At 94 years old, President Carter is a few months shy of outliving President Bush and becoming the oldest living president in U.S..Assuming President Carter (who clocks in at 94 years and 65 days) lives another 106 days, he will match President George H.W..When we include living presidents in that equation, the mean age for a president remains at 71..Garfield.By contrast, President Bush and President Carter are in the 99th percentile of all U.S..Presidents?Oddly enough, there are three living presidents who share the exact same age (72) and birth year: Presidents Donald Trump, George W..He celebrates his 73rd birthday in June, while Bush and Clinton follow in July and August.Barack Obama, the youngest of the living presidents, is 57 years old, with Carter, of course, remaining the oldest living president at 94.. More details

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