No One Wants Your Neural Network

They’ll accept your model, if it means that one of those things happens, but that doesn’t mean they want it.Before I was a data scientist, I worked for a company that made electrical power cables — bundles of (usually) copper wires covered with insulating material and often protective material over the insulation..Installing them was a nuisance, and keeping them out of harm’s way was a nuisance — they didn’t like sun, they didn’t like water, they didn’t like termites which was a shame because they were usually buried, exactly where the water and termites could be found.People didn’t want those cables — they wanted their mine equipment to work, their factory to have a reliable electricity supply and the lights to stay in case of fire, so they could evacuate the building..To all these people, the cables were useless until their problem was solved.Power cables are tangible, easy to understand and have a high scrap value, none of which is true of a data science product, and their purchasers still don’t really want them.Your customers don’t want your product — they want you to remove the obstacles from their life, and make it easier and more enjoyable to spend time with their family and friends.. More details

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