Jupyter Notebook Extensions

Jupyter Notebook ExtensionsHow to get more productivity in the notebook environmentWilliam KoehrsenBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 7The Jupyter Notebook is a great teaching, exploring, and literate programming environment, but out-of-the-box notebooks are notoriously lacking in features..Fortunately, there are a number of ways, including Jupyter Notebook extensions, to improve this invaluable tool.Extremely Concise VersionRun the following in a command prompt:pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions && jupyter contrib nbextension install Start up a Jupyter Notebook and navigate to the new Nbextensions tab:Enable the extensions you want and enjoy the productivity benefits.(If you don’t see a tab, open a notebook and click Edit > nbextensions config)The enabled extensions can be seen in the toolbar in a notebook:Slightly Longer VersionIf that isn’t satisfying enough for you, below are some details about Jupyter notebook extensions..The Hide input all extension allows you to instantly hide all the code in the notebook while keeping outputs.Hide all codeThe next time someone says they just want to see the results, you have a single click solution..While none of these are life-changing, they all add just enough benefit to be worthwhile, cumulatively saving you hours of valuable development time.Although you’ll probably want to put some time into learning an IDE if you are writing production code (I’m liking VS Code), Jupyter Notebooks are still an integral part of a data science workflow.. More details

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