Finding our way: thoughts about information architecture’s history

Finding our way: thoughts about information architecture’s historyZach LantzBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 4The Great Library of Alexandria“The most common definition [of the word information] is: “the action of informing; formation or molding of the mind or character, training, instruction, teaching; communication of instructive knowledge.-Richard Saul WurmanInformation is what enables us to access the world and make confident navigation and content choices..Created as a pamphlet with just a few pages it grew to be utilized in over 200,000 libraries, the Dewey Decimal System is one of the most commonly utilized information organization systems..Libraries, like the Library of Congress, have also innovated new systems to approach information organization and have helped other institutions structure their environments.Modern IA“Architecture is the conceptual structure and functional behavior, distinguishing the organization of data flows and controls, logical design and physical implementation” — IBM, Architecture of the IBM System/360Although IBM redefined architecture for modernity in information within a research paper in 1964, the term “Information Architecture” used in contemporary terminology, wasn’t utilized until the mid-1970s..One school of thought is that we’ve peaked, that information architecture will inevitably collapse into another form, possibly just be another process utilized in the scheme of all things design.. More details

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