Data Exploration and Visualization with Seaborn Pair Plots

A great place to start is making Pair Plots in Seaborn.Pair Plots are a really simple (one-line-of-code simple!) way to visualize relationships between each variable..Now we have an idea of which variables we should be investigating further.The One Without The Pair PlotsAlright, so I did a very good-for-you thing and dove into a category that I’m uncomfortable with (basketball) and wanted to reward myself by creating Pair Plots on other kinds of relationships..I wanted to plot character dynamics over time, making each axis of the Pair Plots a Friends character, and for each individual pair plot, a bar graph of the Season as the x-axis and number of storylines together as the y-axis.After a bit of data wrangling I started with:and ended up with:Where each value under each character’s column is the season number..Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way.Google Fusion TablesBut since I was so obsessed with the character relationships and being able to quantify Rachel and Ross’s love for one another over time, I turned over to another super simple data analysis tool, this time from Google Fusion Tables..Think of it as a Google Drive product, with it’s ability to store data and tables and then share it with any internet users to view or download.I had to do a bit more data wrangling and conversion to an excel table, then ended up with a network of relationships between all six characters:Over the course of ten seasons, you can gather that Monica and Chandler had a strong relationship, as well as Rachel and Ross..Joey had a consistent relationship with Rachel and Chandler, who were both roommates of his at different times.Whether it’s a dataset you’re seeing for the first time, a dataset where relationships aren’t quite obvious or clear to you, or a dataset you’re comfortable with and just quickly need to visualize for a side-by-side analysis, Seaborn’s Pair Plots are an invaluable tool for exploratory analysis and visualization.. More details

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