Why you need a professional data science mentor, and how to actually get one.

A lot of my classmates were able to find good jobs that satisfied their intellectual curiosity, and paid the bills too.Why it’s not so easy anymoreIf you’ve spent any time in the data science job market today, you know that this isn’t the case any longer.There are still plenty of headlines about soaring demand for data scientists, but the truth on the ground is that it’s way harder to land a job offer than it used to be..You only pay when you can afford to, and if you don’t get a data science job within a certain time limit (usually 24 months) you don’t pay anything at all.Second, income share aligns the incentives of the mentors and mentees..Even after the formal mentorship period ends, mentors still have a stake in your future success, which means they’ll look out for opportunities for you by default.Income share mentorships make new opportunities accessible to people who can’t afford expert time, or find professional data scientists to learn from.Because it’s such an amazing way of getting people up to speed on data science for limited risk, we’ve just launched an income share program called SharpestMinds Mentorships.. More details

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