Up-Level Your Data Science Resume — Getting Past ATS

If you’re applying directly on a website for a position, and the company is medium to large, it’s very likely that your resume will be subject to ATS before:1..Make it highly likely that your resume is readable by ATS2..You’ll see people “Tableau-ize” their resume (ie — creating a resume using Tableau), include logos, or include charts that are subjective graphs of their level of knowledge in certain skill sets..If your bullets are concise, the ratio of keywords to fluff will be higher and will help you score better.For point 1, I specifically mention my skills at the top of my resume:I also make a point to specifically mention these programs and skills where applicable in the bullet points in my resume..If a job description calls for logistic regression, I would add logistic regression specifically to my resume..Companies are looking for employees who can also:communicate with the businesswork cross-functionallyexplain results at the appropriate level for the audience that is receiving the information.If you’re applying for a management position, you’re going to be scored on keywords that are relevant to qualities that are expected of a manager.. More details

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