Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!After a recent binge of the iconic ‘90s TV show Friends, I theorized that the phrase “Oh my God” was uttered an absurd amount — And now I have the data to prove it.Michael LoscalzoBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 2“‘Oh my God!’ is commonly used as an exclamation to emphasize surprise, anger or shock.”— QuoraCompiling the DataUsing transcripts of the Friends television show, I scoured the dialogue from all 232 episodes to determine how frequently each character was saying “Oh my God”.WHAT IS INCLUDED?The words “oh”, “my”, and “God” must be spoken (in that order) to be included in the tally..Let’s take a look at the detailed results below:Season 9 represents the peak of the “Oh my God” frenzy with 126.Some fans may assume that Maggie Wheeler, the actress who portrayed Janice, will be our “Oh my God” champion (as it was her signature line of dialogue).Maggie Wheeler portrayed Janice in 19 episodes of Friends.However, Ms Wheeler only appears in 19 episodes of Friends and doesn’t stand a chance against our over-dramatic protagonists.Monica and Rachel account for nearly 50% of the total “Oh my God” utterances.Ross was so excited during the series finale that he said “Oh my God” 9 times.FASCINATING FINDINGSThere are only 8 episodes in which “Oh my God” is not spoken.The series finale episode contains the most mentions of “Oh my God” in a single episode with 23 total..Friends appears to be in a class of it’s own.ConclusionAfter becoming annoyed that “Oh my God” seemed to be spoken almost constantly on Friends, I conducted an internet search to see if some fool had counted exactly how many times that phrase had been said on the show..After completing the task, I began to look for deeper meaning in the metrics.Is it a coincidence that mentions of “Oh my God” in text have tripled since the first episode of Friends aired?There are many that believe saying “Oh my God” breaks the 10th Commandment and trivializes the name of God.. More details

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