5 Best Machine Learning GitHub Repositories & Reddit Discussions (November 2018)

Introduction Coding is among one of the best things about being a data scientist..The previous posts in this monthly series have expounded on why every data scientist should have an active GitHub account..And now let’s get to the core of our article – machine learning code!.We need to be aware of all the latest developments in the community, what other machine learning professionals and thought leaders are talking about, what are the moral implications of working on a controversial project, etc..To make things easier for you, here’s the entire collection so far of the top GitHub repositories and Reddit discussions (from April onwards) we have covered each month: January February March April May June July August September October   GitHub Repositories Open AI’s Deep Reinforcement Learning Resource Keeping our run going of including reinforcement learning resources in this series, here’s one of the best so far – OpenAI’s Spinning Up!.  Python Implementation of Google’s ‘Quick Draw’ Game Quick, Draw is a popular online game developed by Google where a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing..The neural network learns from each drawing, hence increasing it’s already impressive ability to correctly guess the doodle..  Reddit Discussions Why Gradient Descent is Even Needed in the First Place Has this question ever crossed your mind while learning basic machine learning concepts?.  Reverse Engineering a Massive Neural Network What do you do when the developer of a complex and massive neural network vanishes without leaving behind the documentation needed to understand it?.This thread explores the different ways a data scientist can go about examining how a deep neural network model was initially designed..It all started when Francois Chollet posted his thoughts on GitHub and lit a (metaphorical) fire under the machine learning community..  Reinforcement Learning with Prediction-Based Rewards Another OpenAI entry in this post – and yet another huge breakthrough by them..I’m currently in the process of trying to replicate it on my own machine – should be quite the ride.. More details

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