Trying to Change Careers or Get Your Start in Data Science?

Trying to Change Careers or Get Your Start in Data Science?Kristen KehrerBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingAug 21Originally published at on August 22, 2018.If you’re someone who is looking to make a move to data science, there are some ways that you can polish your approach to get noticed during your job search.Assuming that you’ve built up the skills required for the job see if you’re able to leverage some of these tips:Optimize your resume (as best you can) for the job you WANT not the jobs you’ve HAD.Try to gain experience at your current job (if you’re a career changer), or work on your own data science projects at home..(continuous learning is a big plus).Develop a killer elevator pitch.Optimizing your resume for the job you want:Describe your projects in a way that shows you’re results-focused.The points you’re going to want to demonstrate on your resume need to both:Demonstrate that you understand general corporate culture, and showcase your collaborative, result achieving, problem solving and self-managing competencies.Show that you have the technical chops as a data scientist.The first bullet takes a lot of thought — it is really easy to list job duties, it’s another thing to reword them effectively to highlight your true strengths and demonstrate how what you’ve done has improved the business..Having this specifically listed on your resume isn’t going to help you pass ATS (the applicant tracking system), and the person in human resources who doesn’t have a data science background is not going to know whether that is relevant or not..You’re increasing efficiency in this scenario.If you’ve done data science projects on your own to round out your resume, make sure those bullets are full of action verbs and results, action verbs and results..A comment about a post they made recently makes your connection come across as more authentic.Why you’re messaging: you’re interested in the open position, and you’re trying to get your resume to the correct person.Then mention a number of things concisely that are specifically mentioned on the job description..Basically saying “hi, look at me, I’m a fit.”Let them know that you’d really appreciate it if they’d simply forward you to the correct person (hopefully the person you’re messaging is the correct person, but there is also a chance it’s not the right person, so don’t assume).Close strong..If you have additional suggestions for trying to make a change to data science, I’d love to hear your thoughts!. More details

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