How to Create a BI Dashboard Using a Pivot Table and a Charting Library

How to Create a BI Dashboard Using a Pivot Table and a Charting LibraryA step-by-step tutorial for creative business intelligence data visualization in your applicationWhen thinking of data analysis, probably the spreadsheet data is the first thing that comes to mind..If you want to get results right away, please check the CodePen demo at the end of the article.Tools for AnalyticsWe’ll use the following tools that provide data summarization and visualization capabilities:Flexmonster Pivot Table — a pivot table component that is enriched with both basic and advanced reporting features — aggregation, filtering, sorting, built-in exporting and customization..Secondly, add the connector of Flexmonster:Add the following code snippet to load the packages and set a callback to know when charts are loaded:Step 4: Send the data to the chartNow display the data from the grid in the chart by using flexmonster.googlecharts.getData() method..It’s filled the data we want to analyze.The chart displays the content from the table and reacts to any changes in the report.. More details

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