Data visualization state 2018

Data visualization state 2018Lio FleishmanBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingNov 29As a Front-End Engineer at Sisense, I need to build multiple components using data visualization libraries..If you’re unfamiliar with it, the short answer is that React is a JavaScript library to build user interfaces..React is supported by Facebook and is the most popular Javascript library to build UI’s today.D3D3 is a javascript library to manipulate documents based on data, this library uses web standards and is framework agnostic, which means , that d3 doesn’t care if you use React, Vue or any other javascript framework, D3 will work anywhere, to prove what i say i build 3 apps with different libraries (React, Vue, Polymer) and D3 works flawless on all of them.d3ReactApp made with D3 and React..This library continues to survive all the frameworks and libraries because someone will always make a new library using D3 as the base.D3 graph exampleData visualization exist in this world to help us understand complex ideas…React-visReact-vis is a React visualization library created by Uber..only 11kb gzipped , this days in web development size matters, nothing better than a small size library.Uses native API’s so the learning curve is tiny to none.what can be better?This library can be even better with more charts and also with svg options.Chart.js exampleVXgreat library that shows the power of React together with D3, fast and lightweight.GitHub starts: 5,263Why this library?Great API, super easy to make complex graphs, vx is largely un-opinionated and is meant to be built on top of, the amount of types of graphs it offers out of the box is incredible.VX exampleRechartA composable charting library built on React components, great documentation with lots of live examples.GitHub starts: 10,229Why this library?Small library, also composable, which means that you can build on top and “compose” different charts with new components.Rechart exampleso now what?At the end of the day, I have to say that all of these libraries are great and the differences between them are small.. More details

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