Why do I Call Myself a Data Scientist?

It’s not particularly easy to define Data Science as a whole, or subject, I’ve done it in other articles:Creating Intelligence with Data Science In this article I will show how Data Science enable us to create intelligence through AI.towardsdatascience.comBut here I want to talk about why I proclaimed my self “Data Scientist”.   As you may know, maybe you follow me here or LinkedIn or somewhere else, I call myself a Data Scientist..I studied, a lot, about data science (actually I did not know what was Data Science when I started learning all this things that took me to the field), machine learning, deep learning, programming, and more..Here they are Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.towardsdatascience.comMy journey into Deep Learning In this post I’ll share how I’ve been studying Deep Learning and using it to solve data science problems..After defining data science in other articles, we should define “Data Scientist”, and I’ll do that right now:A Data Scientist is a person (or system?) in charge of analyzing business/organizations problems and give a structured solution starting by converting this problem into a valid and complete question, then using the scientific method, programming and computational tools develop codes that prepare, clean and analyze data to create models and answer the initial question.If you have any comments on my definition please let me know..I say system there too because we don’t know what will happen in the future, maybe we get automated, I don’t know.Also, I’m talking about the scientific method because I think we should think of Data Science as a modern Science..You can listen and read more about that here:SDS 187: How Data Science is Becoming a Science Kirill Eremenko: This is episode number 187 with Principal Data Scientist at OXXO, Favio Vazquez..There’s a lot of stuff to learn, I’m learning everyday and I think I’ll never stop learning.If you wan to call yourself a data scientist, do it with responsibility.Data Science requires a level of expertise and knowledge on several areas that I’ve highlighted before.You’ll need to know math, statistics, statistical learning, machine learning, now maybe deep learning too, programming (in several languages), have some insights about the business you’re working for, be able to follow rigorous methods for extracting, analyzing and exploring data, create learning algorithms and models, be able to explain your results to different audiences and more.It sounds hard, but it can be done. Be sure you want that kind of responsibility before entering this area.What you’ll do day by day will have tremendous impact in your organization, so you better do it well. You have to be prepared to fail, and fail again. To have an open mind, to be able to criticize yourself and your ideas.I’m not going to lie, if you can do this and more, become a Data Scientist, it’s a lot of fun.Thanks for reading this. I hope you found something interesting here 🙂 If you have questions just follow me on Twitter:Favio Vázquez (@FavioVaz) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Favio Vázquez (@FavioVaz). Data Scientist. Physicist and computational engineer. I have a…twitter.com and LinkedIn:Favio Vázquez — Principal Data Scientist — OXXO | LinkedIn View Favio Vázquez’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Favio has 16 jobs listed on their…linkedin.comTalk to you soon 😉  Bio: Favio Vazquez is a physicist and computer engineer working on Data Science and Computational Cosmology..Right now he is working on data science, machine learning and big data as the Principal Data Scientist at Oxxo.. More details

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