The Most in Demand Skills for Data Scientists

By Jeff Hale, Data Scientist Focused on Machine Learning – CoFounder and COO at E-commerce Firms.I scoured job listing websites to find which skills are most in demand for data scientists..I looked at general data science skills and at specific languages and tools separately..Additionally, it seems highly unlikely it would have more than three times the number of data scientist job listings as any other major platform.Terms with over 400 listings on LinkedIn for general skills and over 200 listings for specific technologies were included in the final analyses..To use Plotly with JupyterLab takes a little wrangling as of this writing — instructions are at the end of my Kaggle Kernel and in Plotly’s docs.Here’s the chart of the most frequent general data scientist skills sought by employers.The results show that analysis and machine learning are at the heart of data scientist jobs..Data scientists need to be able communicate insights and work with others.AI and deep learning don’t show up as frequently as some other terms..For example, the best machine learning algorithms for most natural language processing problems are now deep learning algorithms..I expect deep learning skills will be sought more explicitly in the future and that machine learning will become more synonymous with deep learning.Which specific software tools for data scientists are employers looking for?.He is excited about machine learning, communication, and data analysis.Tableau is next in demand..I don’t get a commission for the suggestion— I just took the class and found it to be a great value.The chart below shows an even bigger list of the most in demand languages, frameworks, and other data science software tools.GlassDoor did an analysis of the 10 most common software skills for data scientists from January 2017 through July 2017 on their site..There, R, Hadoop, Java, and SAS all show clear multi-year downward usage trends and Tableau shows a clear upward trend.Based on the results of these analyses, here are some general recommendations for current and aspiring data scientists concerned with making themselves widely marketable.When an employer is looking for a data scientist with Python skills, they are also likely to expect candidates to know the common python data science libraries: numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, and matplotlib..Chollet’s Deep Learning with Python is a great resource for learning Keras.Beyond these recommendations, I suggest you learn what interests you, although there are obviously many considerations when deciding how to allocate your learning time.If you’re looking for a data scientist job through online portals, I suggest you start with LinkedIn — it consistently has the most results.If you are looking for a job or posting positions on job sites, keywords matter..He is excited about machine learning, communication, and data analysis.. More details

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