The Big Data Game Board™

Figure 2: The Big Data Game Board™Spin the dial and see if you can avoid the following Big Data (and Data Science and AI) traps:  Trap #1:  Did you get “Caught In the Analytics Chasm” or were you successful in “Exploiting the Economic Value of Data”?. Data Lake 3.0 becomes the organization’s collaborative value creation platform, facilitating the collaboration between the business constituents and the data science team to leverage data and analytics to uncover new sources of customer, product, service, channel and operational value (see Figure 4)..Cue the Chief Data Monetization Officer” for more details on Data Lake 3.0, the Collaborative Value Creation Platform.  Trap #3: Are you pursuing “Technology Tail-chase Trail” or are you “Focused on Business Outcomes”?Organizations don’t fail at Big Data because of a lack of use cases; they fail because they have too many.. One can find multiple business use cases where big data and advanced analytics can deliver compelling business value; and it is critical to big data and data science adoption that the business stakeholders have had a chance to voice their opinions and to help proactively set the big data and data science agenda.. More details

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