Storytelling for Data Scientists

Storytelling for Data ScientistsTurn data into stories to persuade your audienceSource: Business Review recently published an article on what leading Data Scientists actually do..Surprisingly enough, the key skill is communication, rather than experience with statistical models.Aristotle argued that to persuade people, you need to use Ethos, Logos, and Pathos..But to evoke actions, Data Scientists need to tell stories.Maybe stories are just data with a soul. — Brené BrownThis article presents two frameworks for structuring presentations and emotionally binding your audience..When hearing a story about what happened to our neighbors’ friends, we draw generalizations from this single story instead of taking a step back and evaluating the data.On a daily basis, Data Scientists need to explain results of complex models simply and understandably to stakeholders..The second section examines the SUCCESs framework to make your story as emotionally appealing as possible.Creating a storyline for your presentationPhoto by rawpixel on UnsplashManagement Consultants have known for a long time: You first put an effort in creating a solution, then you need a cohesive storyline to convey the solution..Let’s use some of their tricks in the next step to our advantage.Data makes people think, emotions make them act. — Antonio DamasioA commonly used framework to structure presentations is the Situation-Problem-Solution-Next Steps framework, short for SPSN..Which actions need to be taken?Let’s apply this framework to a common Data Science goal..Let’s spice up the storyline with the SUCCESs model next.The salt in your storyNow that you have created the raw storyline, let’s turn it into a story.Photo by Dan Gold on UnsplashChip & Dan Heath analyze in their often referenced book Made to Stick what all sticky stories have in common..Use data, or external validation, to give your story credibility.Emotional: Remember that not your numbers will make people care, but your people stories will make them care..Try to make a story out of your point to help it stick.Let’s add these elements to the blank structure to spice up our story.As you can see, we incorporated most SUCCESs elements in out storyline..It will pay off.Key Takeaways:To persuade people, tell a storyLay the foundation with the Situation-Problem-Solution-Next Steps frameworkIntegrate SUCCESs elements to create a narrativeClosingJeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, banned PowerPoints from executive meetings.. More details

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