Stop Installing Tensorflow Using pip for Performance Sake!

By Michael Nguyen, Software and Machine Learning EngineerStop installing Tensorflow using pip!.If you aren’t already using conda, I recommend that you start as it makes managing your data science tools much more enjoyable.Here are two pretty big reasons why you should install Tensorflow using conda instead of pip.   The conda Tensorflow packages leverage the Intel Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks or the MKL-DNN starting with version 1.9.0..I also do a lot of inference on a CPU when I can, so this will help my models performance.Not only does the MKL library speed up your Tensorflow packages, it also speeds up other widely used libraries like NumPy, NumpyExr, SciPy, and Scikit-Learn!.Miniconda is just installing conda and it’s dependencies while Anaconda will pre-install a lot of packages for you..Hope this helps and as always, thanks for reading!  Follow me for tips, stories, and content on all things software and machine learning.Catch me on the web:  Bio: Michael Nguyen is a Software and Machine Learning Engineer in A.I.. More details

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