Select Your Analytics Adventure – Analytics On-boarding

In my opinion, a productive analyst needs to understand the business, the data and the tools.Your new hire may have a general concept of your business but they likely do not know all of the ins and outs..So, for this first adventure, youll want to choose a small portion of the business to investigate..To really focus on just getting an understanding of your data objects, Id start them with a strategically selected view..Youll want the data set to be somewhat contained, so they dont have to navigate a large number of new data objects and their relationships..At the same time, youll want it to be an important part of your data set so that they can capitalize on their learnings later..So far, weve had some excellent results, but we are always looking for ways to improve.Thank you again for reading through my write up on our “Choose your own adventure” approach to on-boarding.  Please share your thoughts with me in the comments or on twitter.Again, the document is available on my github repo.  If you have trouble downloading the file from github, go to the main page of the repo and select “Clone or Download” and then “Download Zip”.Bio: Laura Ellis is a data geek, passionate about revealing stories within the numbers!. More details

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