Predictive Analytics in 2018: Salaries & Industry Shifts

By Burtch Works.The full report can be downloaded for free here.If you’re interested in learning more about the implications of the trends discussed in this post, as well as several other trends impacting the analytics market, you can read our trend synopsis here.Our salary studies report base salary variations of predictive analytics professionals, both individual contributors and managers, as well as the proportions eligible for a bonus, and the median and mean bonuses received..Finally, the report explains how salaries of predictive analytics professionals vary based on several characteristics including job level, industry, region, education, residency status, and gender.The median base salary of individual contributors at level 1 is $76,750 and increases, based on job level, up to $130,000 for those at level 3..Historically, this has meant that data scientists have had the skills to use Python, machine learning/AI, Hadoop, etc., and generally have more coding skills than the other predictive analytics folks that we work with.Because of the skill differences, this has also meant that data scientists have earned higher salaries than the predictive analytics professionals at the same level of experience.. More details

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