New Jobs Sure to Emerge Alongside Artificial Intelligence

The argument is often, “this time, automation is different.” That in the past, when machines made work easier, they created more new jobs to offset the loss of old ones..However, much of the anxiety is caused by the idea that this time, AI-based automation won’t create enough new jobs to offset that loss.It’s absolutely true that, as we continue to explore the possibilities of AI, we are going to have to wrestle with ethical conundrums about where people and technology intersect.Fear comes along with any dramatic change, and while it’s good to talk about contingencies and ethical limits on technology, it’s unlikely that mass layoffs and human obsolescence are in the near future.  AI Is Solving New Problems, but Humans Are Still NecessaryMany of the most important uses for AI are directly related to new problems created by the development of digital industries..Forbes contributor Bernard Marr wrote in 2017 that a majority of companies surveyed about their implementation of AI reported an increase in hiring, and many of those also reported that there has not been a reduction in jobs due to AI.In fact, AI implementation tends to create jobs related to data specialization, including maintenance, implementation, analysis, training and interpretation with regards to those systems.. More details

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