Metadata Enrichment is Essential to Realize the Value of Open Datasets

By Assaf Katan, Apertio CEO & Co-FounderAccording to McKinsey “Data is now a critical corporate asset—and its value is tied to its ultimate use … Value is likely to accrue to the owners of scarce data, [and] to players that aggregate data in unique ways.”It’s true that there is growing availability of Open Datasets from governmental and other data sources..Published on thousands of disparate websites and usually with poor (or even wrong) metadata, Open Datasets are there to be used and their value realized, but locating the relevant datasets is oftentimes difficult or even impossible.According to experts at Dataversity, even though “tools for enabling such efforts exist, most are typically useable only by deep application technical specialists within the organization or by consultants focused on this area..Additionally, in a similar way to how OpenUp Hub advocates for Open Science, peer wisdom and usage-based information on data quality and related datasets could also be beneficial for Open Data.In development of a solution for Open Data that takes metadata enrichment to the next level, Apertio has built a deep search engine with all these enhancements and more.. More details

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