Linking Data Science Activities to Business Initiatives Using the Hypothesis Development Canvas

Figure 2: “Thinking Like A Data Scientist” Process  The Hypothesis Development Canvas also ensures that data science work directly supports the organization’s business and operational strategies; that the organization’s precious data science and business leadership resources are focused on the organization’s most important business initiatives.Disclaimer: This is a “Business” hypothesis development and not a “Statistical” hypothesis testing which is the formal procedures used by statisticians to accept or reject statistical hypotheses (i.e., null hypothesis, null hypothesis).I am going to use this blog to provide more details and some instructions on the use of the Hypothesis Development Canvas..I will provide an example Hypothesis Development Canvas for our University of San Francisco Big Data MBA in-class Chipotle assignment.   Below is the most current version of the Hypothesis Development Canvas – version 0.4 (see Figure 3).. More details

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