Key Takeaways from AI Conference SF, Day 2: AI and Security, Adversarial Examples, Innovation

DSAs provide a great opportunity for innovation as hardware and software are designed from the scratch focused on a very specific goal.Emerging China – evolving from copying ideas to true innovationFor decades China lagged far behind the west in the field of technology innovation..As we are seeing an exponential growth in the capabilities and deployment of deep learning systems, there has also been an increasing trend in the scale and sophistication of malicious attacks on deep learning systems..Hackers can target the integrity of AI solutions leading to incorrect results or even worse, the targeted outcome designed by hacker.Through an example of self-driving cars reading from pictures of road side signs, she showed how attackers can fool the learning system of self-driving cars through simple acts of putting some well-designed stickers on the roadside signs which can lead to fatal errors – such as the manipulated stop sign being mis-classified as “speed limit sign 45 km/h”..It also includes situations where Evasion Attacks where attackers fool the learning system by delaying the inference time beyond a threshold to escape malware detection or fraud detection..Other cases include Poisoning attacks, where attacker poisons training dataset to fool learning system to learn wrong model (eg. Microsoft’s Tay twitter chatbot)..She informed that recent advances at Intel in hardware and software optimization for AI have led to 200x increase in performance for training and 250x for inference..The size of this opportunity can be seen in the chart below – it can make a typical Python code run up to 63,000 times faster!!!Domain Specific Architectures are very aptly suited to drive the next wave of improvements because of their more effective parallelism for a specific domain (SIMD vs MIMD, VLIW vs Speculative), more effective use of memory bandwidth (user controlled vs. caches), elimination of unneeded accuracy (32-64 bit integers to 8-16 bit integers), and a very closed coupled software focused on performance gains.Deep learning is causing a machine learning revolution.. More details

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