Holy Grail of AI for Enterprise — Explainable AI

In reality, Customers are the less bothered accuracy of AI model, but their concerns are about Cluelessness of Data Scientist to explain “How do I trust its decision making?”AI Systems — How do I trust them?In most AI enabled Digital Transformation, most customers are fascinated about having AI capability in their systems for certain Business Value Proposition..This gives the rise of the Emerging Branch of AI, called “Explainable AI” (XAI).XAI is an emerging branch of AI where AI systems are made to explain the reasoning behind every decision made by them..A technique called LIME which basically try to estimate local boundaries for decision making.I have used LIME library extensively in my past experiences coupled with Natural Language Generation tech to narrate for Sustainer and Operators.Following shows the current state of Algorithms in Accuracy vs Explainability space along with approach directions.XAI Approach — Model Specific vs Model AgnosticXAI field has a promising future to help enterprise deal with AI shortcomings.. More details

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