E-Commerce on Amazon — Leveraging APIs to measure performance

We are also using their advertising platforms to advertise our products using the headline search and sponsored product features.APIs and SDKs OverviewsGiven that we are using python to perform data transformation, it made sense to look at what was available into existing SDK that could support our use case and on Python boto is the de-facto SDK to use to perform API calls towards Amazon, typically AWS.The first issue with using boto as an SDK for e-commerce purpose is that the marketplace web-service, which handles orders, order items and inventory is only available as an end point as of boto v2.49 and is not yet supported within the boto 3 release.The second issue comes from the advertising side, headline search and sponsored products now fall under a different API setup, the Amazon Advertising API which is not supported in any boto release..For their Advertising APIs their responses are provided in a Gzip format out of their reporting end points.End pointsOrdersAmazon MWS documentationThe Orders end points are composed of multiple subsegments: List Orders, Get Orders and List Order Items.Getting a list of orders can be achieved using the MWSConnection Object of the boto API such as as in the example above.. More details

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