Data Science Strategy Safari: Aligning Data Science Strategy to Org Strategy

With tremendous strides data science is making in influencing business outcomes, should data science strategy lead organisation strategy or like any other functional strategy, should it be aligned to Organisational strategies?.Well, in my opinion, like any other functional strategy, data science strategy should also be aligned to organisational strategy..To answer that question let us decipher the strategic alignment framework.Data science strategy safari : Alignment is the gameStrategic alignment is the process by which an organisation’s competencies,resources and actions are aligned to the planned organisational objectives..Figure 2 is the depiction of data science strategic alignment framework..Figure 2 : Data Science Strategic Alignment FrameworkThe strategic alignment framework can be summarised into the following stepsThese steps can be demarcated based on its value as “Strategic alignment” steps and “Operational alignment” steps..Figure 4 : Strategic Alignment MapNow that we have seen the process of creating the SAM, let us dive deeper and decipher the operational aspects of data science strategy.Once we have an interconnected web of use cases critical for the organisation, the next task would be in getting data acquisition and integration strategies aligned to the overall strategy..To align data acquisition strategies to overall strategy we first have to know what kind of data points are required for implementing the use cases depicted in the SAM and also the characteristics of the data points like formats, velocity, frequency, data systems which generate them etc..Various facets through which one have to look at each factor is as listed belowThese comprehensive views derived on the data requirements will help in aligning different components of data engineering strategies like data acquisition, data integration, data pre-processing and cleansing, data storage etc to overall organisational strategy.Wrapping UpHaving seen the data science strategic alignment framework in action one can not help but wonder if we can draw parallels from the framework to some of the perspectives of Mintzberg’s “Strategy Safari”.. More details

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