3 Stages of Creating Smart

 And Google is creating the foundation for smart products with its new Edge TPU; a tiny AI accelerator that will carry out machine learning jobs “at the edge” of IoT (see “Google unveils tiny new AI chips for on-device machine learning” for more details).The technology is advancing at a pace that should enable any company to create “smart” products, things and spaces.. This is the heart of smart; to create a product or space that is self-aware in its ability to optimize and learn from each interaction and transaction (see Figure 3).  Figure 3:  Exploiting The Three Stages of “Smart”  The 3 stages necessary to creating a continuously learning, “Smart” entity include:We have created a workshop exercise and template for my University of San Francisco class to help our students understand how to go about creating a smart product or space (see Figure 4)..  Figure 4: Creating “Smart” Products or Spaces Exercise Template   The final step in the Getting Smart process is to create a Digital Transformation Value Map that (see Figure 5):  Figure 5:  Digital Transformation Value Map  Organizations then want to identify where and how to integrate the customer, product, service and operational insights teased out of the organization’s data sources to re-engineer, or digitalize, the organization’s key business and operational processes.See the following blogs for an introduction into the Digital Transformation Value Map:I wanted to include a case study in this blog, but my advisors said that at 6 pages, this blog was already too long.. More details

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